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You Need a Home Server

You might be thinking that you’re not nerdy enough to run a server at home. Everyone is, because everyone should have safety and control of their digital life. You likely won’t host everything on your home server, but it’s an important tool for digital freedom. And it’s just fun! Come learn about how easy (and …

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Freedom Technology

After a short hiatus, I have revived the podcast and am expanding the focus on the show. Previously it focused on Nostr, which is a new technology for decentralizing communication on the web. Now the show will focus on Freedom Tech as a whole, which includes Nostr. Don’t worry, nostriches, there will still be plenty …

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Cover art for No Strings episode 4. Nostrica Day 2.

Nostrica Day 2

This is the second installment of the Nostrica 2023 coverage. These are highlights from the stream for Day 2. So many good talks and panels, definitely check out the full videos on YouTube. No Strings is a value for value podcast. We don’t have ads or sponsors. If you find value in what we’re doing, …

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Arun Nedun from Current

Arun Nedun from Current

This is the first interview episode on No Strings. We sat down with Arun Nedun from Current to talk about what they’re building as well as his view on the creator space. Current is big on value for value, they’ve been helping to pioneer it. Check out Arun and Current– Arun Nedun on Nostr:– …

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Nostrica Day 1

Summary of Day 1 of Nostrica. Nostrica is an unconference that happened in Costa Rica two weeks ago. It was three days of rich, Nostr talks and workshops with many of the people building Nostr apps and services. There are dozens of hours of video from the event, so we are watching them and giving …

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Cover art for episode 1. A purple landscape with a single lightning bolt in the sky. A profile picture of marks is in the corner. Text on the image reads: No Strings with marks. Pilot. Ep. 1.

Pilot – Ep. 1

Welcome to a new Nostr podcast. The host, marks, lays out the structure for the new show. While he’s at it, he does brief updates for projects in the Nostr developer community.

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